Beginning of the refloating Operations for “Mediterraneo Floating Dry Dock”

After nearly one year from the tragic accident happened to the Urania, Drafinsub has just started the operations for the refloating of the Mediterraneo dry dock in Livorno.

August 25, 2015, the Urania ship of CNR, put dry inside the dock, it’s tilted on its side during the refloating operations.

Ing Alessio Gnecco (Stige) has designed with his collaborators the whole refloating project, planning the following steps:

  • removal of scraps from the deck of the
  • stabilization of the ship
  • closure of the valves of all ballast compartments
  • drain of the bulks and exhaustion of double bottoms, to let refloat the floating dry dock.

The plan is to complete the operations in two months. Stay tuned for updates.